Lebrun: Date: 23 NOV 1981 [...] My friend Shel Kaphan (who was an officemate of Schroeppel at III and worked with Gosset on the Foonly F5 etc) met recently with Bill Griffith, the creator of Zippy, to design a Zippy video arcade game.

Bob Bechtel: We finally received what was tagged a Foonley 4/5 in (I think) 1983.

Bill W: I don't think the F5 ever made it to production, but it was supposed to show up in the early to mid 1980s.

John Postel: 9 February 1982 [...] The plan is to use RFC759+767 data structures to communicate text and graphics, implemented on Foonly F-5s running Tenex with Foo-Vision displays.