Barb Huizenga: I went to my 25 year dinner last fall and one of the goodies handed out was the internal newletter. It had a blurb about the 1070 announcement and that was in 1971. [...] Well, I should probably say that what I heard in DEC as an employee may not be what the field saw.

Jim Thomas: They show a picture of a KI-10 in 1971 as the first DECsystem-10 and another picture in 1972 as the first KI-10. [...] 1971 - 5.01 - KI-10, paging.

Barb Huizenga: When I started at DEC, July, 1971, the single KI had been announced; this was greatly touted at my 25 year anniversary dinner by Palmer even though he thought it was a 32-bit machine (he almost wore my ice cream that night...I got really pissed).